12 Images of Cutest Dogs before and After a Haircut

9 Happy Go Lucky Dog

Not all dogs dislike having their hair cut. This little guy here seems to be pretty satisfied with his hair cut so much so he seems to be smiling in the image. He really has big ears though.

Happy Go Lucky Dog

Image Source: www.dailyoftheday.com

10 Extra Hair

This dog seems to have a huge quantity of hair and he definitely deserved a haircut. He looks unkempt and untidy but that’s the result after the trim job and one wonders why they needed to cut so much hair.


Dog get haircut

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

11 Well Dressed

Now this little guy seems to be the perfect example when a haircut is necessary. Sometimes when a dog’s hair is grown too much to the point of being an obstacle for his sight, a haircut is necessary and he looks seriously cute and a true gentleman.

Cute dog after haircut

Image Source: www.lifebuzz.com

12 Happy Happy

Certain dogs may be overjoyed at having a haircut. Just look at this cute fellow. After his haircut he looks extremely cute, neat and tidy. Definitely the top haircut of this list.

A point to remember that dogs need their coats although if the hair gets too bushy unkempt and disheveled it would be no harm in trimming it. A dogs coat protects it from summer providing insulation and sunburn.

puppy after hair cut

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

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