12 Images of Cutest Dogs before and After a Haircut

5 Too Much

Not all dogs like all their hair chopped off. This little guy was looking cute earlier but from his expression you can make out he is not at all happy and seems to be wondering “WTF have they done to me”

Funny dog haircuts

Image Source: www.thrillist.com

6 Two Ponies

A dog with pony tails?Well this dog after her grooming session has actually been given two ponytails and it really looks cute. Moreover, you can make out her gender as earlier she was covered in too much fluff.

Funny dog haircut

Image Source: www.unknownfacts.info

7 Smaller Than Before

Now this doesn’t look cute at all because why would someone cut a dogs hair like that leaving his head looking furry. It looks a disastrous style and not good for dogs at all. The importance of dog’s hair is the insulation and protection it provides during seasons.

Dog looks funny after haircut

Image Source: www.thrillist.com

8 Why Did You Do This?

This dog seems to be complaining and he has every right to do so because almost half his coat has been removed. Another stupid thing to do as no pet owner should ever cut off all their dogs’ hair.

funny dog haircuts

Image Source: www.vivas.fi

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