12 Images of Cutest Dogs before and After a Haircut

You might have noticed a different personality appears once you or somebody goes for a haircut. Like humans, even cute dog friends who gain some extra fluff go for haircuts and they too look very smart than before.

The only way to reduce shedding of dogs is to groom them well. But while some people prefer their hairy dogs others groom them to the point of absurdity. Take a look at some cute and fury photos of dogs before and after a haircut.


1 Like father, like son

This dog and his owner are both looking good after a grooming session. It seems the owner showed his support for his dog and decided to get a haircut as well.

Dog  before and after shaving

Image Source: www.imgur.com

2 Looks Better

Now this dog must have been wondering he would get a haircut as those little tufts of hair might have been blocking his vision. After his haircut he looks neat and very cute.

Cute puppy after haircut

Image Source: www.viralitytoday.com

3 Don’t Worry

Here’s another dog which could be a Pomeranian or Pekingese who looks a great deal neater and cuter after a haircut. But! Haircut or not, she still looks as cute as ever.

dog before and after haircut

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

4 Can Look Now

This is another little terrier that has so much hair in front of his eyes; it may be causing a problem in his movement. But after a haircut, his eyes are visible and he looks eve amazingly cute.

Dog after haircut

Image Source: www.lavozdelmuro.net

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