12 Bad Things You Do to Your Dog Unintentionally

Most of us consider dogs as an integral part of our family, so of course, we will always want to do the best for them. Whether it’s about loyalty or love, dogs bring thousands of good things between us that can make us and our family fully contented and joyous. But sometimes, even the best dog owners can make some serious mistakes that can cause unintended harm to their beloved dogs.


Dogs are inquisitive, courageous, and habitually act like young children which can sometimes get them into trouble. We are going to tell you about some considerable things that you inadvertently do with your dogs, causing them great harm and pain:

1You make your dog walks on hot concrete

The claws of your beloved dogs may be as sensitive as your feet. It means that their claws can also burn while walking on a hot surface like their owner’s feet. Your Dog’s paws are prone and are probable to blisters walking on hot tarmac or concrete in high summer heats.


The asphalt retains the heat throughout the day and the heat outside can be so high that your dog may feel burn or pain in its paws. You can avoid severe burns to your dogs’ paws by driving your pet on safe surfaces such as grass.

You make your dog walks on hot concrete

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2You share your food with them

Even though your dog sees you while eating, it does not mean that you should share your food with them. Some of our foods can be very dangerous for dogs and they can cause some health problems. Bones can cause your dogs to damage their intestines. Likewise, garlic and onions can be extremely poisonous to your pets and cause them to have anemia or gastroenteritis. Also, you should not give your chocolate to them as it can upset your little friend’s stomach to an extent.

You share your food with them

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3You tie the dog’s neck for a long time

Leaving your furry friend tied up in a chain for a long time can hurt them very severely. Although it can be important to keep your dog tied up, make sure you don’t do this thing for a long time. Your dog’s psychological and physical health can get hurt every time you chain them over a long period. Sometimes, you might not notice that the chain injures your dog’s neck. Vets also state that dog chains can become hot by exposure to too much sun, which can make dogs depressed and anxious.

You tie the dog's neck for a long time

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4You punish your dog physically

Occasionally, dogs can be a little naughty, stubborn, and cheerful, but that doesn’t mean you should hit or punish them. And everyone already knows that physical punishment can never be an effective type of discipline. Physically punishing your dog will not only result in aggressive behavior for your dog, but it will also destroy the bond between your dog and you. Instead of physical punishment, you should prioritize reward-based training. Some companions may see this as reinforcement, while other dogs will gradually become more fearful and violent.

You punish your dog physically

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