10 smartest dog breeds in the world – Is your pet in this list or not?

Compiling a list of smartest dog breeds is a very tasking job. It takes into consideration abilities like obedience, trainability, and the dog personality. Due to difference in their nature and intelligence, some dogs are better at doing certain tasks than others, it all depends on the trainer and the owner what are their requirements. No matter what the bread of dog though, it is extremely important to consider vet treatment and how you will maintain your dog’s health and needs. For example, those who work will struggle to get in with a vet during the week and many vets are closed during weekends, so how will you keep up with those all-important vaccinations? Fear not, this doesn’t mean you can not have a dog, it just means you will need to be more prepared and complete research into local vets and their availability. If you are lucky enough to live in Melbourne then you could consider getting your dog’s vaccinations done through these mobile dog vaccinations at First Paw Mobile Vet. They provide a service both at your office and at your home meaning they are more flexible than a regular vet and will fit more around your timetable allowing you to pick whichever dog you choose.


No breed is stupid. But dog lovers love to compare different dog breeds on their level of intelligence. Other factors that come into focus are the dog’s nature, their living conditions and primary task for which they were bred.

Here is our list of 10 smartest dogs and we have made every effort not to hurt the feelings of any dog owner or any of the dogs themselves.


1 German Shepard

German Shepard, as the name goes were breed as large dogs for herding cattle and guarding farms. But their high level of intelligence has turned them into excellent police dogs.

They are very strong and obedient and agile, despite their size. Therefore they make excellent rescue dogs and even act in movies. These breed is known to learn simple tasks after only 5 repetitions, which puts them in the top 3 of most intelligent dog species.


Though they look seriously intimidating, their obedience and intelligence makes it easier to train them as lovable family pets also.

German Shepard

Image Source: www.mybuzzblog.com


2 Doberman Pinscher

Doberman are generally used to intimidate others. They are excellent at guarding property or family. Despite their scary looks, with proper training, Doberman can become excellent family pets as well.

Highly intelligent, Doberman are fiercely loyal and will go to any extent in order to protect their owners and their properties. They are also able to understand their owner’s mood and modify their behaviour accordingly.


This makes them excellent police dogs. They are also fearless, obedient and do anything to please their owners.

Doberman Pinscher

Image Source: www.agilitydobermans.com


3 Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a medium to large size dog. This breed is usually used for guarding, rescuing or as a family pet. A Rottweiler is a very strong dog with muscular built. They are also very easy to train because of their intelligence and prove to be highly dependable.

They are highly courageous and love to be in control of the situation. They are also very effective in intimidating their rivals. These qualities make them excellent police dogs.


Image Source: www.zetwet.com

4 Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are large dogs that love water than most other dogs. They are gentle by nature and training them is easy because of their intelligence.


Their most prominent role is that of a family pet. Since they are calm by nature, they tend to be very good with children. They do however require plenty of space to run around and let out all their energy.

But due to their intelligence and patient nature, they also make great therapy dogs, guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs. They are trusting, loving and will do anything to please their owners, qualities you don’t want if you are looking for a guard dog.

They also possess brilliant focusing abilities and hence love to work on a meaningful task. Did we mention they love water?

Golden Retriever

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

5 Border Collie

Border collie is a very instinctive and intelligent dog breed. Their primary work is to herd sheep and cattle. They are also very active dogs who require constant exercise. This makes them brilliant at dog sports and the training for the same keeps them healthy, happy and fit.

They are very good students for teaching them new tricks that require athleticism and brains. They also get along with their masters and other dogs very well.

Border Collie

Image Source: www.cdn.com

6 Papillion

Papillion means butterfly in French. These are small dogs with unending energy in them. They don’t like to shy away from people and love going for walks.

Papillion are very smart and imaginative and can learn new tricks in very less time. They also have a habit of showing off their skills and possess high self-esteem. This breed is a sweet natured dog breed which thrives well in families with children. It is social and easily trainable, thanks to its intelligence and quick learning abilities.


But they do require extensive obedience training as they tend to become destructive if they have got nothing to do.


Image Source: www.hdwallpaperscool.com

7 Poodle

Poodles usually come in 3 sizes, toy, miniature and standard. The standard one is more recommended as a house pet.


Poodles are brilliant at dog sports thanks to their high intelligence and unending stamina. They also love swimming in water, making them great companions to take on the beach. Poodles like stability and relaxed environments. But due to their energetic nature and intelligence, they can be taught activities like hiking, camping and swimming.

Poodles prove that they are worthy companions for any outdoor trips. They are very confident about themselves, combine that with their intelligence, you have a perfect dog for sports and showing off.


Image Source: www.bijoupoodles.com


8 Beagle

Beagles are conveniently sized dogs, look dashing and require minimum grooming. They are lovely with other people and other dogs and have that constant expression of satisfaction on their faces.

But as they were bred for hunting purposes, they require more amount of exercise. They are best kept in a yard where they can run around and get the required amount of exercise. They make excellent companions on long walks and hikes.

They require constant obedience training and are very good outdoor partners. But do keep them on a leash as they are explorers by nature and will go anywhere their nose leads them.


Image Source: www.mundoperro.net

9 Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds come in two extreme varieties. They are either highly energetic and athletic or extremely mild and calm.

But as they are a hunting and shepherding breed, they require constant outdoor activities. They are very devoted dogs towards their masters and attract constant love and affection. But they are also highly intelligent and can be taught many tricks easily.


They are easy to train and can do a simple task in less than 5 repetitions. They won’t leave you alone. Herding, advanced obedience, agility, jogging or biking, chasing balls, and playing Frisbee are productive channels for their enthusiasm.

Australian Shepherd

Image Source: www.tiere-kleinanzeigen.com

10 Labrador

The most popular family breed is the Labrador. These dogs are very intelligent and obedient. They are very patient and understanding, hence are mostly used as assistant dogs.


They excel in roles such as guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs, brilliant at working with autistic people thanks to their patience and intelligent nature. Labs are excellent at sniffing out explosives or contraband drugs for police.

This breed is loved by both dog lovers and people who don’t fancy a dog that much. Labs are also excellent family dogs and very gentle with children, allowing them to do mostly everything to them. Labs like to show off their intelligence by doing tricks such as carrying an egg in their mouth without breaking it.

One of the best swimmers of doggy world, they tend to keep themselves busy by running, climbing fences but are happiest if given a something meaningful to do.


Image Source: www.media.mnn.com


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