10 Small aggressive dog breeds that can be dangerous


Dogs are universally preferred by many pet lovers for their qualities of loyalty, for their friendly nature and because they are just so amusing.

Small dogs in particular are adored by many people. They are so cute and are easy to maintain and train than their much larger counterparts. Small dogs are easy to handle and dominate, which makes them easy to train and teach new tricks.

However being wild animals at heart, even the small dogs can turn furious. And when they become agitated due to reasons best known to them, these dog breeds tends become too aggressive. Hence be careful of them. In order to help you identify the most aggressive small breeds of dogs, we present to you 10 such examples.


1 Manchester terrier

The Manchester Terrier is a cheerful, sparkling and energetic breed that is usually good with kids. These dogs are very playful and enjoy plenty of exercise.

But as the name terriers goes, the Manchester was bred to hunt rats and mice, and it was very good at that job thanks to its insistent and aggressive nature. The dog is likely to chase birds, squirrels and other outdoor critters, so keep it leashed outdoors.

This breed is not a particularly good choice where there are many small pets like kittens, hamsters and guinea pigs in the house. These pets will not be safe around a dog that was raised to hunt them.

Generally, the Manchester Terrier does not possess any threat to humans if it is well trained. However, these dogs do need their own space, and can snap at people who refuse to leave them alone when they want some alone time.

Manchester terrier

Image Source: www.animalsbreeds.com


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