10 Most Endangered Species on Earth That Are Very Close to Extinction

If we try to find out the reasons behind the extinction of animals on this planet, humans may be among the most searchable causes. Marine life is also deeply affected by human activities, as they catch about 85 million fish every year. Acres of land are being destroyed for human projects and this has caused the animals living in the forest to disappear quickly. Above all, plastics that end up in the oceans threaten immense extinction to other animals.


So, are we not responsible for the extinction of many species all over the world? Let’s find
out which are the most endangered species on Earth that have almost reached extinction:

1Amur leopard

Amur leopard has been one of the critically threatened and rarest leopard subspecies found on the earth. The Amur leopard can be found mostly in the mountainous forests of Easter Russia and northern China. This unique subspecies can survive up to 15 years and they have the ability to run up to 37 miles per hour. The most amazing thing about them is that they can jump horizontally about 19 feet. But the sad part here is that human activity and habitat loss have pushed their numbers to only around 84 individuals or above.

Amur leopard

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2Javan rhinoceros

The Javan rhinoceros, aka Sunda rhinoceros, is now listed as one of the critically endangered animals on Earth. It is also one of the largest endangered mammal mammals in the world. The main reason for their extinction is the trophy hunters who killed them in large numbers. Poaching is still a dangerous threat to them. Humans have also killed the Javan Rhinos to get their horns and agricultural pests. As per reports, Javan rhinos are only 58 to 68 in numbers. The only population of this species can only be found in Ujang Kulon National Park.

Javan rhinoceros

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3Vaquita porpoise

Vaquita porpoise is probably the rarest marine mammal that was last discovered in 1958. But the sad part is that a large number of Vaquita porpoise mammals have been trapped through fishing trips. Their current number may only be around 10 individuals in the Gulf of Mexico. This marine mammal can be found in shallow waters, but if they found a boat is chasing them, they will swim very fast. Some reports also suggest that illegal fishing practices and continued human activities have virtually destroyed this marine mammal.

Vaquita porpoise

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4Global Mountain Gorilla

Habitat loss and human activities have become very dangerous for mountain gorilla. This species still remains threatened due to human conflicts, habitat loss, diseases, and uncontrolled hunting. However, the future of mountain gorillas looks promising as they have managed to increase their population in the last years. They have increased to 1063. It’s also a fact that mountain gorillas can be found only at two places in the world. They usually stay in the protected forest areas and this is one of the reasons that have helped them get back from the extinction.

Global Mountain Gorilla

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