10 Important Ways To Greet a Dog You Don’t Know

Dogs have been called the most loyal and dear friends of humans. Nowadays, love and relationships between dogs and humans can be seen everywhere. But things can change to an extent when you meet a dog who you probably have seen for the first time. Greeting a new dog on the streets or in the parks is really exciting, but that does not mean that you can greet or contact them as you want. Conversely, make sure you do not bully or treat them as you may end up with a bad experience.


Accordingly, we are going to show some decent ways that you can use while visiting dogs that you don’t know so that both you and the dog will be happy to meet:

1Get permission from the owner

The most common mistake we can make when meeting a new dog is that we do not get permission from the owner. The excitement you have to meet a new dog is surely respectable, but it doesn’t allow you to just go and cuddle the new pup. It will not only be an act of courtesy, but it will also help you to know whether the dog is aggressive to approach. If you take some time for the owner’s approval, the dog will also feel more poised around you.

Get permission from the owner

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2Do not just rush into greeting the dogs

It may be true that you cannot control your urge to meet and cuddle a dog. But you should not hurry to greet the dog. If you try to greet a dog that you do not know immediately, this type of action can be very intimidating for dogs. They may think that you are coming to hurt them or you want to steal them. Instead, you should try to approach or greet them very comfortably and quietly so that they take you as a friend.

Do not just rush into greeting the dogs

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3Let them use their sense of smell

Dogs have a much better sense of smell compared to humans. The sense of smell dogs have is the key for them to understand and approach the world around them. Dogs mostly use their nose more and more to do certain things or meet new people. This may be the reason you let them come to you instead of going to them. You only have to see if the pup tries to sniff your hands or feet. If they do, then you can understand that they are ready to befriend you.

Let them use their sense of smell

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4Do not make direct eye contact with them

Seeing strangers in the eye can be more awkward and intimidating, not only for humans but also for dogs. When a stranger comes in front of their eyes, it is natural that they may feel uncomfortable. The same happens with the dogs. Some dog experts also suggest that you should not look directly at their eyes as it can intimidate them. Instead, you need to get permission from their owners, look at their bodies politely, and then make a little eye contact.

Do not make direct eye contact with them

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