10 Dangerous Birds You Should Avoid At All Costs


8 Red-Tailed Hawks

In the wild, the red-tailed hawk is a fierce and persistent hunter. Even though they don’t always attack humans, they do prey on chickens and other small animals. Red-tailed hawks hunt during the day and are very good at making themselves look like they belong where they are. These skilled pilots hunt with great accuracy and powerful talons. Red-tailed hawks are daytime hunters with good eyesight. They usually eat small rodents and reptiles but may also scavenge on dead animals when hungry. But don’t get too close to a red tail’s nest, or you might get badly shredded.

Red-Tailed Hawks

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9 Great Northern Loon

The great northern loon is a beautiful waterfowl with fascinating spots and dark, red eyes on its head. Even though they look harmless, they can be very mean when trying to mate or build a nest. If you find one of their eggs, you should run because their beaks can tear and shred and are made to cause a lot of damage. The loon stabs a predator with its beak like a sword. Loons usually go for the head, neck, and eyes, which is even scarier. During mating season, which is usually between May and late June on lakeshores, it’s best to stay away from where they nest.

Great Northern Loon

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10 Great Horned Owls

The beautiful great horned owl is a fierce hunter and one of the most dangerous birds of the night. It doesn’t pose much of a threat to humans, but it will attack hikers or walkers who get too close to its nest. The great horned owl is also very good at attacking small dogs and cats and can inflict fatal wounds that are difficult to cure. Even though this doesn’t happen very often because most pets sleep inside, if given a chance, a great horned owl will swoop down and grab its prey with lightning speed.

Great Horned Owls

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