10 Dangerous Birds You Should Avoid At All Costs


5 Shrikes

Usually, shrikes can’t catch birds that are flying, so they fly high above their prey and dive on them from above, giving them a hard punch to the back that knocks them out. The smaller bird will fall to the ground first, followed by the shrike, which will bite through the vertebrae at the base of the neck if the prey is still alive. The shrike carries its prey to what you’d call its “pantry,” which could be a thorny plant or a barbed wire fence. It impales its prey there, where they get stuck. This led to it being called the ‘Vlad bird.’ People have also seen them hang their prey from the fork of a tree branch and either eat them right away or store them to eat later.


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6 Crowned Eagle

The African Crowned Eagle is the most dangerous bird in the world. This raptor is very strong and is known for its razor-sharp claws that it uses to hook its prey like meat hooks and fly off with it. It eats things like monkeys and sometimes even infants. In 1924, the skull of a primitive human child was found next to the bones of a bird. The Crowned Eagle is the only bird known to eat humans. Even now, tales about this fearless and cruel predator which hunted human children persist. The African Crowned Eagle is strong enough to break an antelope’s skull. Yet, it prefers to eat smaller animals like monkeys, snakes, mongooses, and rats.

Crowned Eagle

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7 Ostrich

It’s not surprising that ostriches are one of the deadliest birds on the planet. Their strong legs and huge claws can kill a lion, tear a person apart, or even puncture the frame of a car. But even though ostriches can kill people, they rarely do so unless they feel threatened. During mating season, the males can be very aggressive, and since they are the biggest birds in the world, they can be scary. Don’t mess with ostriches because they are also unpredictable and might start chasing you if provoked. These birds can run up to 40 miles/64 kilometers per hour.


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