10 Dangerous Birds You Should Avoid At All Costs


There are many kinds of birds in the world having different habits and characteristics, but some are known to be dangerous birds that you should beware of. Did you know that the Cassowary is so vicious that it could tear you up pretty badly? Or the harpy eagle is also known as the “death from above” Eagle. But it’s not just big birds that are dangerous. There are also some small birds that humans should never even touch, like the only poisonous bird in the world. So, if you see any of these birds, you should avoid them at all costs.

1 Pitohuis

Pitohuis are the only birds that are known to be venomous. The hooded Pitohui is the most dangerous of these small, colorful birds living in New Guinea’s rainforests. What makes them so dangerous is that the venom of the Pitohui found in their feathers is Batrachotoxin- a powerful neurotoxin found in the skin of poison dart frogs. It is one of the most lethal poisons ever found in nature. Even though the bird only has a small amount of the poison, that small amount is enough to cause paralysis, heart failure, and death. Since the Pitohui is not a bird that can be eaten, it is called a “garbage bird” in its native country.


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2 Lammergeier

The Lammergeier, or the Lamb Vulture, is a scary bird that is also known as the ‘bone eater.’ As its name suggests, it loves to eat bones. It doesn’t matter how hard the bone is because a Lammergeier can eat almost anything, even a tiger’s claws. The Lammergeier is a very strong bird with large, sharp talons. It has been known to steal goats and even small children. Even though vultures have a bad reputation, they are still dangerous scavengers.

Strangely, lammergeiers don’t care much for flesh and prefer to eat bones instead. Small bones aren’t a problem, but the Lammergeier will hold big bones in their beaks, fly up high, and drop them on rocks to break them up and feast on the nutritious marrow. Any other bird would have difficulty digesting raw bones, but the Lammergeier’s strong stomach acids help it break down even the toughest foods.


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3 Cassowary

Even though southern cassowaries are beautiful and colorful birds, you shouldn’t mess with them because they can knock you down and gravely injure you. Even though they can’t fly, they are the heaviest bird in Australia and the second heaviest in the world, after the ostrich. Even though they are beautiful, Southern cassowaries are the most dangerous birds once you see the claws on their legs. That’s the Cassowary’s weapon, which it uses to kick and slash possible threats. If you get too close to a cassowary, it could kill you, so stay far away from this bird.


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4 Harpy Eagle

The harpy eagle is one of the most feared predators in the Amazon. It is the largest Eagle in the Americas, and people call it “Death from Above.” Since the harpy is so big, some pictures of it make it look like a person dressed up as an eagle. The bird’s wings are 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) long, allowing it to hunt sloths and monkeys without fear. But these raptors’ size isn’t their only advantage. Almost every part of their bodies seems to have evolved to make them the perfect predator. The harpy is the most dangerous hunter because it has thick legs and razor-sharp claws. The tiny feathers on its face help it focus sound into its ears and improve its ability to accurately detect the location of the sounds, making it the best killing machine.

Harpy Eagle

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