What Does The Style Of Your Signature Reveal About Your Personality

8 A slanting signature

Signing in an upward slant shows that the person is ambitious and thinks ahead. You have become more ambitious and more likely to think about the future. A downward slant, where the signature starts on the line and goes below it, could mean that the person doesn’t have much self-esteem.

A slanting signature

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9 Your signature is hard to read

A signature that is hard to read is also called an illegible signature. A legible signature is one that is easy to read and straight. If your signature is hard to read or looks like scribbling, it’s probably because you think quickly. You don’t get stuck on little things or problems. You are sure of yourself and your work. But you are a calm and even-tempered person if your signature is easy to read. You are clear and direct, and you have a lot of self-confidence.

Your signature is hard to read

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10 Signature Analysis: Types of signatures you should avowing using

The way you write can reveal parts of your personality. But when you try to change your negative points, it would be best to change how you sign your name or avoid signing it in specific ways. Here are the types of ways you should avoid signing your name.

    • Scribbled signature
    • Small signature
    • Capital letters
    • Drop in the last letter
    • I’s or T’s left out
    • Dropping Y loop
    • Strike-through signature
    • Underline going backwards
    • A circle around your signature
    • Strokes at the beginning of a signature below the baseline
Types of signatures you should avowing using

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