What Does The Style Of Your Signature Reveal About Your Personality

Do you sign your full name? Or underline it? Or put a dot at the end of it? What does it mean to sign in full? But more importantly, who are you based on your signature? Experts use graphology, the study of handwriting, to read your signature and find out more than 5,000 things about your personality traits. Handwriting analysts look at things like the angle, size, spacing, readability, etc., to learn a lot about you in your personal and professional life. Let’s read about how to understand a person’s personality by their signature.

1 Signing in a straight line

A straight signature shows that a person has a balanced view of life and work. You are independent, well-organized, and in charge of your thoughts. You also have a strong desire to keep your true feelings hidden.

Signing in a straight line

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2 Signing only with your initials

If you only sign your name with your initials, it shows that you are very private. You are proud and hard to get to know. This also shows that the person is very independent. If all the letters are capitalized, or the first letters are, you show that you have a healthy sense of self-worth.

Signing only with your initials

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3 Signing your full name

Most people sign their names with both their first and last names, but some only use their first name, just their last name, or just their initials. If you sign your full name, you’re paying attention to the here and now. You find a good balance between being yourself and taking care of your family. If the first letter of your first name is capitalized, you think highly of yourself. If the first letter of your last name is capitalized, it means that you care more about your family.

Signing your full name

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