10 Reasons Why Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Is The Hardest Job

4 A stay-at-home mother always comes last

Every parent makes sacrifices, but a stay-at-home mom does it every day. Their child is the center of their whole life, so they can’t put themselves first. Moms plan their mornings to work around their kids’ schedules and habits. Then, before they go to bed at night, the stay-at-home mom plans their evening. Trying to fit in with someone else’s plans doesn’t stop at any point in the day.

No matter how hungry they are at lunchtime, they can’t go ahead and eat. Before a mom can eat, she has to ensure that all the kids have eaten and then clean up after them. A stay-at-home mom must figure out how to do what she needs to do while caring for her children. Many stay-at-home moms have to figure out how to get everything done by squeezing it all into a small amount of time. Even after the baby is born, stay-at-home moms still share their bodies. Kids usually cling to their mothers and pull on them all the time. No matter what the parent does, the child will be right next to them or under their feet the whole time.

A stay-at-home mother always comes last

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5 A stay-at-home mom doesn’t get paid or get any health benefits

Stay-at-home moms work all day and night, but they don’t get paid for any of it. Even if a working parent doesn’t like their job, they still get paid, but a stay-at-home mom can’t say the same. Parents who stay at home, work all the time and do many things at once.

A stay-at-home mom doesn’t get paid or get any health benefits

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6 People don’t think it’s a real job

Even though it shouldn’t matter what other people think, it doesn’t make things easier. People who don’t have children think that taking care of kids at home isn’t a real job. Some working parents even believe it, which hurts the moms who do everything.

Parents all have hard jobs, so it’s not fair to think that someone who stays at home doesn’t do anything. Staying at home means raising people to be useful members of society, which is a job where you can’t make many mistakes. No job is more real than one that helps kids learn how to interact with the world.

People don’t think it’s a real job

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7 They don’t get to eat lunch without being interrupted

Full-time workers are required by law to get a lunch break from their regular employers. When your own child is your boss, they don’t follow the same rules. Often, moms eat their lunches while standing in the kitchen and don’t finish them before they get cold.

If your kids need something, they don’t care if you want to eat lunch. You can teach them to eat when you do, but not all kids, especially babies and toddlers, will listen. Even teens will talk over their mom and expect her to stop what she’s doing.

They don’t get to eat lunch without being interrupted

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