Turkish Man Turns Barren Hill into A Thriving Forest

8It’s truly remarkable how Kaya was able to transform a place where even grass wouldn’t grow

When even the grass couldn’t grow there, Kaya still decided it was worth a shot! It’s truly an incredible feat that he managed to pull off by terraforming the barren landscape. His commitment and consistent efforts proved that nothing is impossible for someone who desires it and puts in the work and time to achieve their goal. Not many could’ve guessed that one retired Turkish forest official like had such an idea. The news literally surprised the globe when they heard about how a desolate hill turned into a lush green haven. Growing trees in the same spot where grass once grew was once considered a miracle.

Kaya expressed joy and excitement in being part of the initiative of transforming a once barren land into a lush green oasis

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9Turkey’s natural green cover has decreased over the years, but now people are doing their part in protecting and increasing the country’s greenery

Kaya set a great example for the rest of the country to follow. According to Global Forest Watch, Turkey’s tree cover has decreased by 5.4% since 2000 and deforestation was a major contributor to this decline. Thus, efforts to reverse this trend are essential! Individuals need to know who they’re voting for and make sure their environmental concerns are taken into consideration when deciding who to vote for in order to combat deforestation. Despite this, people have taken matters into their own hands and acted on their own accord. Tree-planting is taking place across the globe, from India to Ghana to China.

Pupils participating in tree planting

10There are many others around the world in different countries who have performed similar feats comparable to Kaya’s

People like Sebastio Ribeiro Salgado, the Brazilian man who resurrected a subtropical rainforest, or the Chinese double amputee who spent his life planting trees reminded us of Hikmet Kaya’s accomplishment. Even a forest in India has been protected by a group of female Vigilantes for more than two decades now.

Hikmet Kaya

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