Mom Finds 25 Bite Marks on Her Baby After Picking Her Up From Daycare

8More than 9,000 individuals have responded to Bryant’s Facebook post, and over 10,000 people have commented

A Facebook user commented: “OMG I thought it was lipstick until I read it I am so sorry I can’t imagine how upset you must be.”

A former childcare worker also said: “This makes me so angry I worked in a daycare for 13 years who in the hell would let this happen.”

A third person went on to say: “This brought me to tears!! I’m sorry your baby have to endure this torture And pain!!! Don’t stop until you get Justice!!!”

Bryant’s Facebook post

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9There still are caretakers and teachers who genuinely care for kids and don’t neglect their responsibilities

Teachers and caretakers who care for children as if they were their own, who support both children and their families, and who just strive to do their best to keep them happy for as long as they are with them during the day are rare, but they do exist. Sadly, none such caretakers work in the daycare center mentioned here.

children caretakers

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10Alice’s child wasn’t the only one to experience this kind of negligence

Not only has Bryant had troubling encounters with the nursery, but she is not the only one. Kristen, the mother of a child at the daycare, came to Yelp to share her thoughts about her child’s experience there too. She had this to say- “My son went here over a year ago. I honestly thought our experience was a fluke, but it looks like nothing has changed.”


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