Mom Finds 25 Bite Marks on Her Baby After Picking Her Up From Daycare

In order for a parent to go to work and leave their child at a daycare facility, he or she must do extensive research on the various options available, as well as talk to other parents about their experiences with a particular daycare center. Unfortunately, not all daycare centers’ services are appropriate for your kids. In one such instance, a mother who had just picked up her baby girl from daycare went home to find a horrific sight. A mother in Arizona was horrified to discover her 15-month-old daughter covered in scorching red bite scars after picking her up from nursery. After finding 25 marks on her daughter Rosalynn’s back, Alice Bryant was devastated and in tears, knowing that she had been lied to by staff and authorities about what happened.

1In some cases, caregivers fail to put the children’s needs first and instead focus on their own agendas, leaving them alone or worse, abusing them

There were more than 3.5 million reports of abuse and neglect from CPS agencies in 2013, involving more than 6.4 million children, according to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System. More and more people are coming out with stories of neglect as well as physical and sexual assault as well as psychological and medical abuse and neglect. Boys and girls are equally likely to be abused, according to the statistics on child maltreatment, while children aged 0 to 3 are the most vulnerable.

caregivers fail to put the children’s needs first

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2Unfortunately, a daycare event left a toddler traumatized, and her mother was surprised to learn what had happened

An Arizona daycare center was Alice Bryant first choice for taking her 15-month-old child. But things didn’t go as planned for them, instead becoming somewhat of a traumatic experience. This particular day was different from the rest, as Alice discovered her toddler crying much more than usual when picking up her kid from daycare. However, no one from the daycare had mentioned anything that would have disturbed the toddler, she was able to bring her home and enjoy a normal day, until bath time.

daycare event left a toddler traumatized

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3It wasn’t until Alice removed her daughter’s onesie to give her a bath that she spotted the red markings on her baby’s back and arms

Alice explained that when she initially saw the marks, she wondered, if they actually were bite marks. “At first, I was like ‘are those really bite marks?’ And then, my brain kinda stopped thinking and I started crying. There’s over 25 plus, it’s hard to tell. 25 would be the minimum that the police officer and I discussed,” said Alice.

red markings on baby’s back and arms

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4Alice couldn’t believe her daughter was abused in such a manner

Seeing that her daughter was abused, Alice couldn’t believe that the daycare personnel ignored her pleas or did nothing. The woman became even more enraged when she realized they had left the children alone when the incident occurred.

daughter abused

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