How a Determined Dad Roger Kemp Solved and Caught the Culprit Responsible for His Daughter’s Demise!

22Appleby eventually came clean with a confession

While questioning Appleby, he eventually broke and started crying before he admitted to everything. He sobbed and said- “I killed her, I strangled her, I guess… and I don’t know why I f***ing did it.” He explained what happened, saying that he went to the pool as part of his maintenance job, and Ali was already there when he went into the pump house. He told detective Langer, “She was an attractive young lady, so he’d tried it on with her.”

But Ali rejected his advances, and he lost control when Ali pushed him away. Benjamin began punching her, grabbed her by the neck, and squeezed until she passed out. Benjamin confessed he had decided to rape the unconscious woman and had taken the ointment from the first aid kit to use as lube but couldn’t do it in the end. Then, Ali’s friend Laurel showed up outside and honked her car horn. Benjamin wrapped things up and walked calmly to his car, waving to Laurel as he passed by.

Appleby eventually came clean with a confession

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23The DNA results proved that Benjamin was a match

The DNA results backed up Benjamin Appleby’s confession, so detectives knew for sure that they had found Ali Kemp’s killer. After two years, her family could finally get what was right. Benjamin was remorseful and told the detectives, “I’m not going to put the family through a trial. I feel so bad for what I’ve done.”

The DNA results proved that Benjamin was a match

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24Roger Kemp and his family could finally have some closure

Roger Kemp was glad that his daughter’s killer was finally caught, but he didn’t feel the way he thought he would. He explained, “It just made you sick. You can’t get any lower, any more subhuman than whatever he is. You can’t believe someone like that exists.”

Roger Kemp and his family could finally have some closure

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25Roger was praised and even awarded for his efforts

No one had ever tried to get information from the public through billboards on a national level before. Roger was invited to the White House to meet President Obama and get the Presidential Citizens Medal because of this.

Roger and his wife didn’t give up after the case was over. They wanted to do everything they could to make sure no other family had to lose a daughter the way they had. They set up Take Defense: the Ali Kemp Educational Foundation, which teaches girls how to defend themselves. Since then, it has helped a lot of girls and young women.

Roger was praised and even awarded for his efforts

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