How a Determined Dad Roger Kemp Solved and Caught the Culprit Responsible for His Daughter’s Demise!

18Using billboards to gain additional information

Roger thought the newspaper ad was a good start, but it wasn’t enough. When he realized he needed to think bigger, he was also going around putting posters in shop windows. He called a billboard company and asked if he could put posters on some of their big boards.

The company agreed and even offered to do it for free. Soon, thousands of people driving on U.S. highways would see big signs with a composite picture of the killer and a picture of a beige pickup truck next to the words. “DO YOU KNOW HIM? Wanted for questioning for MURDER. $50,000 REWARD.”

Using billboards to gain additional information

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19Finally, a new lead came in

Roger was able to give the investigation team a lot of new information through the reward, the newspaper ad, the rebroadcast, and the billboards. Like before, most of the tips went over old ground or seemed promising at first but quickly turned out to be useless except for one new lead that stood out.

The same name- Teddy Hoover, was put forward by two different people. The man in question looked like the composite photo; he had a red truck and, interestingly, cleaned pools for a living. Detectives went to his house, where a nervous and restless suspect let them in.

Finally, a new lead came in

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20Teddy used his power of attorney to escape

Detectives questioned Teddy about where his pool maintenance business might have taken him on the day of Ali Kemp’s murder. He said that he did travel there but had never worked on that particular pool. Next, they asked him for a sample of his DNA so they could test it and rule him out of the investigation. Teddy refused immediately and asked to talk to his lawyer before he agreed to anything.

However, it wasn’t long before the detectives went through their old notes and discovered that Teddy Hoover was there the day the murder happened and had already talked to the police. His name was written down as one of the people interviewed at the pool. Too much was adding up, and the police needed to get his DNA sample as soon as possible to proceed with the investigation. But Teddy disappeared soon after

Teddy used his power of attorney to escape

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21Teddy Hoover’s real name was Benjamin Appleby

The police received a tip that the man they thought was Teddy Hoover was actually Benjamin Appleby, who was living with his partner in Connecticut. Benjamin Appleby was found by the state police, who brought him in.

Appleby, at first, denied everything and told the police they were wrong. Investigators were sure they knew who did it. After talking to him for 90 minutes casually, they decided to make things more serious and put him in an interrogation room. The Connecticut state police took a sample of the suspect’s DNA, which was their most important thing.

Teddy Hoover’s real name was Benjamin Appleby

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