How a Determined Dad Roger Kemp Solved and Caught the Culprit Responsible for His Daughter’s Demise!

14An alleged sex offender and a prime suspect

In January 2003, a mugshot of a man suspected of sexually assaulting three women was shown on the news. The detectives working on the Ali Kemp case knew the face right away. It was James Strader, a mechanic they had questioned as a possible suspect and then let go. Before they could bring him in for questioning again and possibly get his DNA, he disappeared.

An alleged sex offender and a prime suspect

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15James was on the run

Detectives looked everywhere for three weeks until they found James. Utah state police had arrested him for not paying for gas at a local gas station. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a match after comparing the blood sample from the ointment to James Strader’s DNA. James Strader was found guilty of sexually assaulting another woman. Still, there was no evidence that he did the same thing to Ali.

James was on the run

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16All efforts to find Ali’s murderer led to nothing

Two years after Ali’s tragic death at the pool where she worked, detectives were still nowhere closer to finding her killer. It would have been natural for anyone to lose hope, but Ali’s dad kept fighting. Roger Kemp said in an interview, “You have to keep moving.”

Roger called America’s Most Wanted producers and asked them to show the episode about his daughter again. They asked him why and if there was something new to add. “No,” Roger said. “That’s why I need you to run it.” They couldn’t say no to him, so they did what he asked.

All efforts to find Ali’s murderer led to nothing

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17A cash reward for apprehending the murderer

Roger put out a cash reward to help with the investigation. The average reward for giving investigators a useful tip was around $1000. Roger decided to ante up the offer to a $25,000 reward to anyone who could help him find the person who killed his daughter.

Roger’s offer got the attention he wanted, and the city agreed to match it, making the reward $50,000. They put an ad in the paper to get the word out. It showed Ali’s face and asked, “Do you know who killed me?” It also said, “$50,000 reward” in large print.

A cash reward for apprehending the murderer

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