How a Determined Dad Roger Kemp Solved and Caught the Culprit Responsible for His Daughter’s Demise!

10The man in question

A white man between 5’8 and 6’0 with short brown hair in his mid-30s- That’s how Laurel described the man she saw to the police sketch artist. The detectives knew Phil had received a missed call from Ali at 2:52, and now they also knew that Laurel stopped by at 3:15. This meant that Ali was probably attacked within a 23-minute window.

The man in question

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11The investigation was finally going somewhere

Everyone in Leawood seemed to know the man on the poster, but everyone thought he was someone else. While detectives were listening to witness statements to try to find a suspect, their coworkers in the lab were putting the forensic evidence- the small ointment camp found at the scene, through tests. The results revealed blood on the ointment cap, which didn’t belong to Ali. The DNA was put into the CODIS (Combined DNA Index System) database right away to see if there was a match. The bad news is that none was found.

The investigation was finally going somewhere

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12Ali’s dad, Roger, started assisting the investigation

Even when things were really bad, Roger Kemp remained calm and polite, so the police didn’t mind when he began showing up at the investigation unit almost every day. In fact, they thought he was so helpful that they got him a coffee cup and asked him to join the team.

Roger Kemp and the other detectives were at a loss. They had ruled out every possible suspect, and the forensics didn’t give them any new ideas. After 18 months of looking into the case, they reached out to the media because they had run out of leads.

Ali’s dad, Roger, started assisting the investigation

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13Ali Kemp’s murder case aired on America’s Most Wanted

The case was picked up by John Walsh’s real-crime show America’s Most Wanted, which did a full episode about it and showed it to people all over the country. It led to many phone calls, but the police could not use any of the information to find new clues. Then, someone they knew showed up in the news.

Ali Kemp’s murder case aired on America’s Most Wanted

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