How a Determined Dad Roger Kemp Solved and Caught the Culprit Responsible for His Daughter’s Demise!

Ali Kemp was her father’s greatest joy and pride. By the time she turned 19, she was a bright, kind, hardworking, beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead. But, Ali’s life would be cruelly taken from her one afternoon at the local pool where she started her summer job.

It took detectives more than two years to find out who killed her, and if not for her father’s help, they might never have found out who did it. This is the story of how Roger Kemp fought through the pain of losing his daughter to help find the person who killed her.

1Ali returned from college to spend time with family and work part-time

Ali returned home after her first year of college to spend time with family and old friends and even work at a part-time job for the summer. Ali was 19 then and had moved back to Leawood, Kansas, from Kansas State University in the summer of 2002. She worked at the Foxborough pool over the summer after her freshman year with her high school boyfriend, Phil, and her brother, Tyler.

Ali returned from college to spend time with family and work part-time

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2The trio had shifts on the same day

The three friends were all scheduled to work at the pool on June 18. Phil worked early before Ali started her afternoon shift. Tyler had agreed to take over around 5 p.m. so that Ali could go home and prepare for her date with Phil that night. However, no one was at the pool when Tyler showed up at five. Tyler knew his sister was a responsible girl who wouldn’t leave her job, so after a short search, he called their dad in a panic.

The trio had shifts on the same day

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3Something wasn’t right

Roger Kemp answered his son’s worried phone call: “It just didn’t sound right.” He stopped what he was doing and went to the pool right away. Tyler was still looking for Ali when his father came home, so the two of them tried more and more strange places as the search continued. The father and son were distraught, and Roger checked the bottom of the pool with a knot in his stomach.

The pump house was the last place he looked. There, he saw what looked like a human leg covered in part by a tarp. When Roger pulled back the sheet, he saw his worst fear come true. Ali lay there beaten, bruised, and bloodied.

Something wasn’t right

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4The police arrived shortly after

Roger called 911 immediately, but when the dispatcher picked up, he couldn’t say anything. He stumbled over the things he wanted to say and talked about what he saw in a way that was hard to understand. He finally got himself together enough to tell the terrible truth. He said into the phone, “I think my daughter’s been murdered.”

The police arrived shortly after

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5There were signs of a struggle

The attending officer, Deputy Craig Hill, said of the pump house, “It looked like a grenade went off inside that building.” It seemed Ali fought for her life as she had cuts and bruises all over her body, and some of her fingers were broken. But the most important mark was on Ali’s neck, which indicated she had been strangled. As soon as the emergency services arrived, they rushed Ali the short distance to St. Joseph’s Medical Center, where doctors pronounced her dead.

There were signs of a struggle

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