Bill Gates Spoke About a Pandemic In 2015 And Here’s What He Says About Omicron

Bill Gates is the most common name that comes to mind whenever anyone mentions Microsoft. While the boss of ‘Microsoft’ may be known as a tech-savy businessman and philanthropist, he also hosts his own talk shows called “Ted Talk.” Back in 2015, Bill spoke of a virus that would be so contagious that it would spread rapidly all around the world, in one of his shows. He also clearly mentioned how the world wasn’t prepared to deal with such a virus. Four years later towards the end of 2019, his predictions came true with the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, labelled COVID-19. But he has some more predictions for the new Omicron variant of COVID-19. Here’s what he said in 2015 and what he says now:

1The 2015 Ted Talk

Did you know that the Ted Talk show in which Bill Gates made these predictions was titled “The next outbreak? We’re not ready”? In this Ted Talk, he talked about a virus similar to COVID-19 and emphasized on how the world isn’t equipped to deal with its outbreak or contain its spread.

The 2015 Ted Talk

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2He Accurately Claimed That a Virus Would Be Fatal for More People Than Another War

Gates went on to explain his theory of how a viral pandemic can be more dangerous than another war. He said- “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s likely to be a highly infectious virus, rather than a war”. He added- “Not missiles, but microbes”, and he was evidently right, given that the COVID-19 pandemic claimed thousands of lives from all over the world.

BIl Gates

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3The Video Became Very Popular in March 2020

The video may not have been so popular back then, but it gained a lot of attention ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. In March 2020, when the world came to a halt due to nationwide lockdowns and curfews to contain the spread of the virus, the video began circulating around the internet.

BIl Gate1

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4Was Gates Satisfied with His Predictions?

Gates himself admitted to Derek Muller, who runs the YouTube Channel- Veritasium, that he doesn’t actually feel good about his predictions. He does feel that some should’ve at least heeded his warnings. However, he stated that no good will come out of him acting like he told people so, but no one cared to listen back then.

Was Gates Satisfied with His Predictions

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