Would you like to live in these strange houses around the world

Society always suggests that we have do things to keep up with the Jones. This includes finances, the way we eat and even how we live, by means of our homes. But not everyone has this same inspiration. The homes that we have all really just fall back on preference. What suits your needs? Is it a nice deck where you can have family outing, or maybe a man cave where you and your friends can watch that game and drink a tub of beer? Either way, these strange homes will give you a new perspective on how people really around the world really live.


1 The Log House

This home can be found in Garberville California, USA. It consist of one bedroom that is completely hollowed out from an ancient Redwood tree. As history has shown us the Redwood is known to be one of the biggest trees in the world. This particular tree consist of a thirteen foot diameter, with seven feet in height. It stretches in a length of thirty two feet, and weighs forty two tons. With these dimensions, a California man craved out his one bedroom slot and lives peacefully. A true pioneer in homes!

The Log House

Image Source: www.oneloghouse.com


2 Ramot Polin Apartments

This peculiar house is known all over the world as the honeycomb apartments. With seven hundred and twenty separate units, this apartment complex was created by an architect named Zvi Hecker and constructed in Ireland. It has the look of rolling stones tumbling down a hill. With all of the congestion from the rolling, it pops an illusion of a honey comb from a distance.

Ramot Polin Apartments

Image Source: www.edesign.files.wordpress.com


3 Heliotrope

This home was designed by the architect Rolf Disch in Germany. It is comprised in a circular motion to follow the sun. This particular home is designed to be eco-friendly. The home produces more energy than it actually needs, meaning that it is completely self-efficient. All energy that is used in the home comes directly from the sun. It follows the movement of the sun to pick up the rays. On days that the sun is not shining, it taps into the unused energy that it stores from fruitful days of sunshine. It comes fully equipped with grey-water cleaning system, all natural waste composting.


Image Source: www.amazonaws.com


4 Dick Clark’s Flint stone Home

When Americans think of the classic homes that has been on television for many years, one of the most thought about homes that come to mind is the Flint stone Home. Television legend Dick Clark decided to go to the next level and bring this cartoon home to life. Placed in Malibu, Hawaii he built the modern version of the stone walls that Fred and Wilma all lived. Inspired from the classic cartoon, Dick Clark set this scale up with a single level structure. This supports one bedroom, with two bathrooms, a fireplace and LARGE glass windows to replicate the stone windows from the classic cartoon. It offers a nice view from the home to the city skyline, and the Pacific Ocean. With these great views, the property that the home sits on stretches over twenty two acres. This home is currently being sold by Dick Clark for a modest three and one half million dollars. Are you ready for the stone ages….again?

Dick Clark’s Flint stone Home

Image Source: www.i.huffpost.com


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