What Your Shoes Say about You?

From a young age we’re told that our inner qualities matter more than the clothes we wear — but did you know that your shoes can actually speak volumes about your personality to strangers? Shoes serve a practical purpose, and they are kind of non-verbal clues with symbolic messages. Even if you aren’t into these kinds of things, sometimes shoes and their color, shape, style can say much more about the person than they actually want to reveal. Take a look at what the shoes of people say about them.

1 Vans

This says that you might skateboard, but you probably don’t. Maybe you were enchanted with the idea until you realized how painful it is to fall off, so you kept the Vans because they ooze with urban style. Vans are a versatile shoe that goes well with both shorts and pants. They embody the essence of Simps casual and can be worn to the beach or the club. Vans also carry a bit of a guy vibe.


Image Source: www.ishoes.fr

2 Colorful Sneakers

They give the information that the person wearing them is emotionally stable and is less prone to attachment anxiety (fear of separation from loved ones, dependency). You might expect people with colorful sneakers to be more extroverted, but that’s not necessarily so, the researchers found. Fun-looking shoes do not mean a fun personality.

Colorful Sneakers

Image Source: www.buytopsneakers2014.ne

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