What You Should Do If You Ever Get A Chance To Meet the Queen

13Never turn your back on the Queen

This is a sign of disrespect and should never be done. If a conversation with the Queen has ended, you must wait for her to leave or ask her to excuse you while you take a few steps back and then leave. Turing your back to the Queen is not accepted and will not be tolerated.

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14Do not ask about Royal relations

When having a conversation with the Queen you can ask about her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. What you cannot ask about is speculations or rumors about the relationships the royal family members are having. Never ask the Queen about rumors you may have heard on the news or on the Internet.

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15Speak only when spoken to

This is a sign of honor and respect. When in the presence of the Queen you should never speak unless you are asked something. Keep your head lowered and only make eye contact if the Queen is looking at you. Unless she asks for your opinion, you should not give it or make it heard.

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16No selfies

It has been known that the Queen hates the act of selfie-taking. She finds that selfies are childish and an invasion of privacy. Never try to take a selfie with the Queen but instead ask the Queen if you could take a picture and ask someone to take a picture of you and the Queen together.

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