What You Should Do If You Ever Get A Chance To Meet the Queen

9Do not touch the Queen

This is a protocol and should be followed and even accidental touches need to be avoided. Being the head of state, it is very easy to plant spy devices on the person during a hug or welcoming embrace. This is why the protocol states that no one is allowed to touch the Queen and only handshakes are permitted.

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10Always walk behind her

When meeting the Queen, one important thing to remember is to always walk behind her. Never try to walk in front as it seems you’re leading the Queen. There are many instances where people unknowing to this rule, walked ahead of her only to be singled by her bodyguards and people around them to slow down. You need to adjust your speed according to hers.

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11Shake hands

This is the only form of physical contact you can have with the Queen. But there is a small rule here, you never put your hand forth for a handshake, the Queen puts her hand out and you shake it. The rules of a handshake are to keep it simple, short and not having a tight grip.

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12Form a semi-circle if in a group

If you happen to meet the Queen while you’re in a group, you should form a semi-circle. Never form a complete circle around the Queen and surround her. Everyone the Queen is meeting should be in front of her and is a sign of respect so that she doesn’t have to turn around to greet a member of the group.

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