What You Should Do If You Ever Get A Chance To Meet the Queen

5What not to call her

When talking to the Queen you should never by any chance address her as “Your Royal Highness”, “Elizabeth” and most importantly never call her “Love”.  All these titles are not worthy and a bit disrespecting to the Queen. When in a conversation the person needs to watch their language and avoid profanities and those titles while addressing the Queen.

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6When you should meet

When you have a meeting scheduled with the Queen you should always arrive earlier than her and wait for her. This shows respect and as she is the most important figure in the land should never wait for your arrival. But, instead, you need to be waiting for hers. Only in an emergency case will arriving late be tolerated.

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7Stand up when the Queen enters

The Queen is the highest authority figure in all of the land and when she enters a room all the people inside must stand up to acknowledge her presence and show their respect. This is an important point to remember that whenever the Queen walks into any room, you need to stand up.

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8Always Bow

This is a sign of respect and should always be performed when meeting the Queen for the first time. If you’re a woman, you can perform a traditional curtsy and if you’re a man, you can take a short, simple bow. This has always been the tradition when meeting the Queen and is not a part of the protocol but just a sign of respect.

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