What You Should Do If You Ever Get A Chance To Meet the Queen

You might be just an ordinary person with an ordinary life but we like being optimistic and can never tell when someone’s life might take a turn for the better. You could become famous or an important figure and someday meet the Queen of England.


Today, we are here to prepare you for that day or just improve your knowledge. There are certain rules and regulations one must follow when meeting the Queen. Did you know you cannot touch the Queen even by accident? Do you know how to address the Queen during conversations? We have it all covered, just keep reading.

1The Queen

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the current Queen of the United Kingdom took the reign from 6th February 1952 after the death of her father. She was born on the 21st of April, 1926. She is currently the longest living and longest reigning British Monarch as well as the longest reigning female head of state.  Unlike meeting other world leads there are several protocols placed for people who would like to meet her.

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2Dress code

Being one of the most powerful people and also the head of state, when meeting the Queen, there is a strict dress code. Regardless of what you feel or want to show as an individual when meeting the Queen, you need to show her respect. It is advised to dress in an elegant and sophisticated manner.

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3What not to wear

When meeting the Queen you need to be formally dressed. No casual wear, bright colors, unnecessary skin showing or anything offbeat or flashy. One needs to show respect to her royal highness and if the dress code isn’t followed the staff may prevent you from meeting the Queen unless you change.

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4What to call the Queen

When having a conversation with the Queen you naturally have to address her with some title. The official title given to her is “Queen Elizabeth”. You should never address her as “The Queen” or “Queen Elizabeth”. You begin the introduction by calling her “Your Majesty” and throughout the conversation, you must address her as “Ma’am” and when the conversation has ended you finally say “Your Majesty”.

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