What Shoes to Wear With Different Types of Skirts

11Wrap skirts are the best

Wrap skirts a street style hit right now mainly because they are so flattering to all body types. Pairing shoes with wrap skirts takes some effort though. They give you a lot of space to experiment and if you have huge shoe closet wrap skirts are your thing. Try pairing them up with stylish heels or ankle booties. Sneakers work great with wrap skirts and so do low block heels.

Wrap skirts are the best

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12Don’t Miss flats

Wrap skirts are the most versatile thing in your closet. You can wear them for work, wear them for brunch or any random outing. In case you go shopping or on an errand run in them pair them up with flats. Seasonal flats go great with wrap skirts. Flat boots are not a bad choice either bit make sure they are not to high.

Miss flats

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13Tulip skirts can be difficult to pair

Tulip skirts lend a very obvious feminine look to anyone, so it is good to mix it up with something androgynous or edgy. Short tulip skirts work best with heels, and stilettos. Boots do not go with them, because they can make you look boxy. Especially, if your tulip skirt if a little roomy and on the longer side, go for pointed heels or leather heels. You can also try ankle booties, but they don’t always work with tulip skirts.

Tulip skirts can be difficult to pair

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14Godet skirts are very chic

Godet skirts are the epitome of high fashion, and they are the best as far as formal wear goes. Pairing them can be a real task, because not all godet skirts have the same cut. Just because you can wear loafers with one, doesn’t mean it will go with the other. It’s all about the texture and the fabric of the skirt. In case of godet skirts, go with your instinct. If you think something looks good, own it. But strappy heels and ankle boots are always the safest option.

Godet skirts are very chic

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15Skater skirts are sporty chic

Sneakers go great with skater skirts as they are very sporty and are also very easy to pull off. Almost all kinds of heels go well with this skirt, but stilettos or formal leather heels make for a great look. If you are pairing your skater skirt with stockings, like most people do, choose thigh high boots, or at least knee-high ones. Ditch the short boots for this look because they don’t work.

Skater skirts are sporty chic

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