What Shoes to Wear With Different Types of Skirts

One of the biggest dilemma for any regular fashionista is pairing her bottom with the perfect shoe. If you wear a sneaker with everything or have all-purpose crocs at home, you must read this, because you might be making glaring fashion mistakes. If you own products like the Vessi waterproof sneakers, I don’t blame you for wanting to wear them with everything, but don’t you find matching them difficult?


When it comes to skirts, you must choose the right shoes to go along with them. When you wear pants, especially full-length ones, your shoes are not always the focus of the ensemble. But when you wear skirts, it’s all about the right kind of shoe. The wrong shoe with a great skirt can ruin your look very effectively. Here’s a very handy guide for you if you still don’t quite know how to pair your skirts and shoes.

1Pencil skirts are multitasking

When you’re wearing a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt it is all about the silhouette. The wrong shoe can make a real mess out of this classy effortless look. Ankle-length boots go great with pencil skirts mainly because they look great and also lends a modern vibe to the otherwise classic look. Never pair casual shoes or your errand shoes with pencil skirts. Not only are they the wrong look but also doesn’t say anything about your style. One of the easiest hacks would be this: Assess the look by the length of your skirt, the longer it is, the more risks you are allowed to take.

Pencil skirts are multitasking

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2Try flats instead

Do not treat flats as the enemy of fashion. When in need, flats can be a life-saver. Many designers advice against wearing flats with pencil skirts, but there is nothing wrong with wearing formal flats with them. In fact, try strappy flats or simple leather flats with your A-line skirt the next time you wear them. Choose a skirt with a length which you know you are comfortable with and, if you ever have doubts, to be safe, just go with the ankle boots. But if they are knee-length choose classic heels or even wedges if you want.

Try flats instead

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3Maxi skirts need an edge

If you’re going for a maxi skirt you can mix it up a little. You can afford not to play safe and wear something chic and fierce. Take note that maxi skirts, if not perfectly fitted, can make you look dowdy and bland. The point is to draw attention to the footwear as the maxi skirt is cut pretty simply. So going wrong with your shoe can be a major blunder. Try regular heeled boots, but not knee-high ones. Or if you want, try stylish flats. If your maxi skirt is embellished or is made of sheer lace, keep the footwear simple and chic.

Maxi skirts need an edge

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4Don’t close it up

The biggest mistake you can make with a maxi skirt is choosing a closed-up shoe like loafers or stuffy sneakers. Since maxi skirts make for a pretty covered-up look, you can also choose shoes or sandals with a rugged quality, maybe low cowboy style shoes or fringed sandals. You can go for fringed boots of your maxi skirt has a slit. One of the easiest ways to glam up a plain maxi skirt is to pair with formal leather heeled boots.

Dressing sense

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5Midi skirts are the trickiest ones

Wearing ankle boots with midi skirts is a no-no because it makes you look shorter. People who want to look taller and slimmer need to opt for smarter shoes. If your midi skirt is a flared one go for low block heels or over the knee boots. During summer try pairing wedges with them. Ballerina booties go great with midi skirts. In case of flats go for strappy leather ones. Sneakers don’t do anything for a midis skirt, especially a flowy one. This is not to say, they are a no-no, you can wear them if you want to look sporty, and your skirt is of a solid colour.

Midi skirts are the trickiest ones

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