What It Means to Have a Mole on Your Shoulder and Other Places

9Arm moles

An arm mole could indicate that you put in a lot of effort in all you do but may not receive much appreciation for it. In short, you’re a hard worker! According to The Encyclopedia of Superstitions, a mole on the arm signifies ‘cautiousness.’ When a mole appears on your arm, there is a slight risk that the mole could be malignant. Women’s arms and legs are the most common body areas for melanoma. To be safe, it’s a good idea to have a mole on your arm checked out by a doctor if you’re a woman and have a history of skin cancer. If everything goes according to plan, your mole may be merely a sign that you’re a diligent worker.

Arm moles

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10Hand moles

A mole on your hand or palm may be a positive thing. A mole on your hand isn’t something you see every day, but it has a significant symbolic meaning according to Chinese astrology. If you have a mole on your hand, you may be hardworking and energetic. The World of Feng Shui also claims that women who have moles on their hands may have ‘unstable qualities’ and an inclination to overspend. But seeing a doctor about a mole on your hand is also a good idea.

Hand moles

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11Stomach moles

A stomach mole is a complicated mole, to begin with. Moles on the stomach are pretty common and usually a good sign. Knowing which side of your stomach a mole is on is important because it can make all the difference. Moles on the right side of your stomach are associated with turbulent love life, but you’ll also make a lot of money. A mole on your stomach’s left side may hint that you are affected by jealousy and a lack of motivation to acquire money. While a mole on the center of your stomach near your belly button indicates a wealthy future, you may be known as a “loud mouth” for your outspokenness.

Stomach moles

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12Leg moles

Leg moles have a plethora of possible meanings. The meaning of a mole on your leg depends on its placement and your gender. A mole on a man’s lower leg denotes hardship and sorrow. A mole on a woman’s lower thigh, particularly near the ankle, is interpreted as a sign that a woman is heartless.


One of the most typical places for a malignant mole to develop is on the legs. Melanoma can grow from an existing mole or appear as a new mole. Only a dermatologist or doctor can identify if a mole on your leg is cancerous is, therefore you must keep an eye on it and show it to them whenever you visit.

Leg moles

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