What Do These Types of Handshakes Reveal About Your Personality?


Usually, this happens when a person is shaking your hand and then the handshake turns into a grasp and they are directing you towards a table or chair. You can feel your hand being pulled. This can be translated as the person being controlling and that they want to control any and all objects in the room – animate and inanimate.

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12Finger vice

A lot can be read into this handshake. This happens when someone grabs your fingers and not your entire hand. This is a sign that they want you to maintain a distance. This may be because they are insecure or they do not like physical contact or both. If they press your fingers too hard, this may be a show of power, but they still want you to stay away.

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13The Lobster Claw

A lobster claw has to parts this handshake feels much like that. The person you are shaking hands with extends their thumb and fingers to touch your palm. This can be interpreted as them having a deep-seated fear of connecting to people. They struggle to build relationships. It is best to not push and give these people their time.

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14The Push

If you are shaking hands with someone and they continuously extend their arm, so that you cannot come too close, they are a pusher. This means that the person needs personal space, both physical and emotional and you should not try to become a friend. It is important to maintain distance.

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15Brush off

Just as the name suggests, this is just like brushing something off. This is quick handshake where someone just grasps your hand for a second and then releases it. It may feel like your hand being shoved aside. This may be interpreted as a powerful one, where the person who brushes off is saying ha they are the more controlling one.

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