What Do These Types of Handshakes Reveal About Your Personality?

When we go out into the world, we meet with a lot of different people. We present a different personality to outsiders than what we are really in front of friends and family. So does everyone else. How then can we know something about the real personality of people in the workplace or in the public sphere?


One simple way is to read their handshake. You can find out a lot about a person from the way they shake hands. The opposite is also true. People can find out about your personality from the way you shake hand too. Therefore, choose your style wisely.

1The handshake

A handshake is the global greeting gesture between people as they grasp each other’s hands. The gesture can be seen even in the 5th century BC in Athens. Today it is a global sign of a warm greeting and adopted by many cultures around the globe. It can be used when meeting people as well as before parting. Like everything, there are many types of handshakes.

Image Source: www.history.com

2The carrots

When you shake someone’s hand and their fingers engulf your hand, this is may feel like a bunch of carrots. But what they really do mean is that they really do not care to show their character or intentions. It could mean that the person can be dominated easily or it could just mean that they are reluctant about physical contact.

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3Fancy ones

Though it is now a trend to invent new and ‘cool’ handshakes, sometimes, trying new things may be interpreted as being immature. You may feel you’re being ‘hip’ but others may just perceive you as foolish and unaware of the environment. Therefore it is best to reserve the fancy fist bumps and whatnot for your friends and family only.

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4 Limp and gentle

Sometimes, people may make the mistake of just being too graceful and shaking hands lightly. This may be seen as a weakness and a lack of confidence by others. If you are a man and you shake a woman’s hand too lightly to be ‘gentle’ she may be offended because you are not treating her the same way you would treat a male counterpart.

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

5Bone Crusher

One of the most dangerous handshakes that will never do you any god is the bone crusher. If you go for this overly powerful handshake, as the name suggests, people will be left to wonder, what you are overcompensating for. You will become a laughing stock and will be dismissed immediately. You will not be taken seriously at all.

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