10 Wardrobe Mistakes That Men Commonly Make

7You always choose baggy jeans

A good fitted jean is an asset to every man, and one must have at least a couple of them for all occasions. Choose a perfect pair of jeans according to your height and body type. A bigger man should go for high rise jeans while a thin guy should select a fitted pair of jeans.


If you think you are very thin and baggy jeans is going to cover the flaw it’s going to backfire and make you look reed thinner. Same goes with bigger guys who buy baggy jeans to hide flab but end up looking bigger and wider.

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8Your undershirt is visible

The reason men wear undershirt is to save the shirt from stains from sweat etc therefore this piece of clothing’s comes under the category of underwear and as you would not (normally) like to flaunt your underpants why would you want the world to see your undershirt?

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The color of your T shirt should match your skin color

Moreover, it completely ruins your formal look by creating an additional horizontal line near your neck distorting the body proportions. Moreover, if the colour of the T-shirt is different than your natural skin colour it’s a double whammy because it is distracting and adds unnecessary colours to your look.

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9You button the wrong buttons on your jacket

Here the rules are very simple. If you are wearing a one-button jacket than keep it open when sitting and button it when standing. With 2 button jackets button the top button only. In case of 3 button jackets, the rule is of “sometimes, always, never”. Which means button the second and the top button if you feel like it?

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10You choose a poor-quality fabric

You do not need to spend a bomb to look presentable. Go for a great cut, cotton shirts instead of polyester ones because synthetic shirts lose their shape after a couple of wash and start stretching which makes it look really ugly.

Besides some polyester shirts weirdly look too bright and shiny which on the other hand make you look cheap and unsophisticated. Cotton and other natural fibers let your skin breath and are comfortable and stylish in a budget.


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