10 Wardrobe Mistakes That Men Commonly Make

Fashion is a fad which keeps changing but it’s the style which is eternal and makes the personality traits of a person at least externally. It is said that 52% women can judge a man by the kind of shoes that he is wearing! Well, shoes are not the only fashion item which brands you in the eyes of others. So, here are some mistakes one must not make which will haunt them for years to come, because as we say style is here to stay and the wrong style impressions can ruin your image in front of people for a long time. So here goes.


1 You wear a formal shirt untucked

Formal shirts especially white ones are designed to be teamed up with black or grey official trousers and they should always be tucked inside. Having said that do not wear formal shirts loose or untucked with jeans because it would really make you look odd. Rather go for a casual shirt with coloured hue to go with jeans or for a casual untucked look.

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2You don’t wear socks

Only beach sandals or shoes are made to be worn without socks without spoiling them or house slippers to be even more casual inside your home. But outside in the world no matter whether its office shoes, sneakers, or boots socks are a must.

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Feet sweat a lot and socks can reduce odor

Moreover, feet sweat a lot during the day and tend to start smelling bad. So, to avoid that one must wear socks too. You can go for low cut, low rise socks which rises up to your ankles or go for “no show” socks which cover your feet but not ankles. This way you’ll be creating the trendy no sock look without the blisters as well as the smell.

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3Your shirt is the wrong length

Although casual shirts are perfect at all sorts of occasions but some men still go for dress shirts which are a bit longer in size. Since they are meant to be tucked in as we had mentioned earlier go for dress shirt which is shorter in size. The rule of the thumb here is the shirt should not go too long past your wrists or lower than your trouser pockets.

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