Want to know how to use a normal thread in order to shape you eyebrows?

Eyebrows might seem just a simple line of hair above your eyes. But in reality these are the most important facial feature, as they provide the correct frame to the entire face and shape up the eyes in the best possible way.


Providing attention to them can go a long way in making you look beautiful and attractive. There are many unwanted hair removal techniques that take care of unwanted hair elsewhere on your face, but when it comes to eyebrows, the only thing we can do is thread them or trim them or if you are gutsy, then you can go for waxing.

But threading the eyebrows yourself can be tricky and many people think that it should be best left to trained professionals at the makeup salon. But here is a simple and easy way to shape your eyebrows using nothing but a thread.


1 The need to trim the eyebrows

Eyebrows give the face a certain frame, in which you can then shape the whole look of your face. Eyebrows also give a certain shape to the eye and can make or break the overall look of the face if they are not treated properly.

Now, you can take care of unwanted hair on most parts of your face using different methods of hair removal, but when it comes to eyebrows, we are stuck with waxing or plucking them one by one using tweezers.


But there is one more way used abundantly by women all over India and central Asia. And that method uses nothing but a simple thread, some manipulation and is relatively painless. It can give beautiful results in just a matter of minutes.

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The need to trim the eyebrows

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2 How to use a normal thread in order to shape the eyebrows?

Only things you require are some thread (make sure you take a 100% cotton thread), a lash comb and an eyebrow pencil in order to draw your preferred eyebrow shape. You could also use a small pair of scissors to cut short the lengths of some hairs.

How to use a normal thread in order to shape the eyebrows?

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Initial steps


3 First of all, brush the eyebrows in order to give them an orderly shape

Now mark the shape in which you want eyebrows to end up after the procedure with the eyebrow pencil. This step is very important as you would definitely not want to have a bad shape. The shaping will help you to remove the hairs which are required to achieve the perfect shape; otherwise without shaping you might end up removing some hairs which were required to have a good shape.

First of all, brush the eyebrows in order to give them an orderly shape

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4 Usage of the thread

Take a foot of thread and make a ring of it and tie it. Now cut the ends of the knot.

Usage of the thread

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Now as seen in the image, make a shape of X by twisting the thread around. Do this 10 times. This will make what you call a shuttle, which aids in removing the hairs from the eyebrows. You can also purchase readymade tool to do this shuttling thing.

make a shape of X

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Now you will have a rolled up and twisted piece of thread with lots of loops in the middle called the shuttle. Now open the fingers of one hand and close them on the other. Doing so will move the shuttle along and the loops and twists in the thread will remove the hair by pulling them out.


But you will need to practice this a lot before actually trying it on yourself. Now, if you want to move the shuttle in the opposite direction from where the hair grows, you need to take the hand on and put it above the brow as seen in the image and pull the one below to move the shuttle in the other direction.

shuttle in the opposite direction

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5 Final steps

This motion will pull the hair out in the V of the thread shuttle. Now quickly move the thread up in order to remove the hair with little pain. Now open the top hand again to move onto the next hair. Make sure that the shuttle is nowhere near any other hair, or they will be removed as well.


Keep repeating the process till you get the desired result and shape. Just practice very hard so that you can perfect the technique as it requires quite an amount of skill and talent to do it perfectly and precisely.

Final steps

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