Want to be happy? Give up these things!

Happiness can make the world go round. A simple smile can express a thousand feelings and can change a thousand moods. We all want to be happy; we all want to look at the world in different colors and live each day full of joyful memories to feed in. But happiness is a choice, something that we should think about before fully giving in. Although we want to experience a life of excitement and pure joys, we can never deny the fact that sometimes the only thing standing in our way to achieve full happiness is ourselves. But as the saying goes, “Life is too short”. Life is really short to regret things and lock yourself up inside a box and hide from all the problems and disappointments that are in your life. Be merry and live like it is the end of the world. Say no to sad faces and negative things in your life rather welcome in good vibes and start your day with a smile!


1 Give up bad habits

Achieving full happiness requires eliminating negativity and embracing positivity in your life. Get rid of things that make you less creative and lazier. Instead of the words “later” “next time” etc. why not say the words “now” and “today”. Saving time instead of spending it impractically will post that complete feeling inside of you. A feeling that you have achieved something nice, a feeling of greatness.

Give up bad habits

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2 Give up lies

“Honesty is the best policy”, that quote never failed to make a good impression. Well it’s true, when you say the truth and nothing but the truth everyone loves you, everyone trusts you and everyone believes in you. And honestly speaking, when people around you have loved you, trusted you and believed in you, what you feel is happiness and nothing but complete happiness. Once you lie, it’s like a part of you is missing and no matter how you tried to be happy you’ll never be the person you really are.

Give up lies

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3 Give up reminiscing the past

You will never be happy if you keep remembering your past life. All the hurt and hatred you felt back then will always play a big role in your present life once you let it get a hold of you. No matter how you try to forget those memories, you can’t because you already let it enter your present life, and mind you, combining the past and the present is not the best thing in the world of match and made. Try to push aside the past and pull in the present life.

Give up reminiscing the past

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4 Give up pretending to be someone you’re not

Don’t try to copy and paste other people’s personality because you think they are perfect and obviously, you want to be perfect. C’mon, try to look at the mirror and just stare at the reflection you are seeing. You see a flawed, imperfect, ugly creature standing in front of you. You don’t want to look like that even more to be that person. Now look again and try to see that person’s inner beauty. Isn’t she beautiful, isn’t she perfect? Never compare yourself to other people rather accept your true self and love yourself so that other people may love you too.

Give up pretending to be someone you’re not

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5 Give up other people’s opinion of you

Do not let people’s opinion change your opinion about yourself. Accept criticisms but only those which will make you a better person and not those things which will ruin you. Sometimes we let the words enter our hearts until it destroys our minds and then slowly corrupts our soul. Never let other people’s opinion define who you truly are. You know yourself better than anyone else in this world so never let anyone bring you down.

Give up other people’s opinion of you

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6 Give up foreseeing the future

We always tend to imagine ourselves 10 years from now. How successful we are and what line of work are we doing. But sometimes looking forward means destroying the present. Well it’s actually nice to dream and imagine things but we often forget that the perfect future won’t happen if we will not take a hold of the present first. Have patience and have faith, the best things are yet to come.

Give up foreseeing the future

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7 Give up negative people around you

We are easily influenced by the people around us. Sometimes we make hasty choices that lead to harmful results due to bad influence that we often get around us. When we know the people around us very well, we can minimize negative things in our lives. When positivity takes its toll and nothing else, then the decisions we will make will lead us to happiness for sure.

Give up negative people around you

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8 Give up unhealthy lifestyle

Nobody wants to live a life centered in a four-wall room surrounded by medical appliances right? A healthy body means a healthy heart, a healthy mind and a healthy soul. If you are well-nurtured, you can do whatever you want to do, things that will make you happy. So basically, if you are always in the hospital or if you are always lying in bed due to bad health condition then you can’t enjoy life. So try to eat healthy and be healthy.

Give up unhealthy lifestyle

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9 Give up ambitious things

Be contented. Sometimes you wish for more and demand for more even though what you have is already enough. Try to appreciate the things around you and maybe you will realize that after all what you want and what you need has been always there and you are just blind to see it.

Give up ambitious things

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10 Give up sad face

The key to being happy is to smile. It may be a fake one or a real one, still manage to smile. You may not be happy inside but you will never know if your smile can make other people happy. Put that curve on your lips and enjoy life.

Give up sad face

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