Want to be happy? Give up these things!

Happiness can make the world go round. A simple smile can express a thousand feelings and can change a thousand moods. We all want to be happy; we all want to look at the world in different colors and live each day full of joyful memories to feed in. But happiness is a choice, something that we should think about before fully giving in. Although we want to experience a life of excitement and pure joys, we can never deny the fact that sometimes the only thing standing in our way to achieve full happiness is ourselves. But as the saying goes, “Life is too short”. Life is really short to regret things and lock yourself up inside a box and hide from all the problems and disappointments that are in your life. Be merry and live like it is the end of the world. Say no to sad faces and negative things in your life rather welcome in good vibes and start your day with a smile!

1 Give up bad habits

Achieving full happiness requires eliminating negativity and embracing positivity in your life. Get rid of things that make you less creative and lazier. Instead of the words “later” “next time” etc. why not say the words “now” and “today”. Saving time instead of spending it impractically will post that complete feeling inside of you. A feeling that you have achieved something nice, a feeling of greatness.

Give up bad habits

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