Want a warmer home during this chilly season? Use these tips and tricks!!

Having a warmer home during the winter season may be a serious problem, especially if the insulation is poor. And keeping the heater on may be a bad decision at the end of the month when you will have to pay the bills. But, with a little effort and a few tips and tricks, you can keep your home warm and save money at the same time. Take a look at these ways through which you can achieve a warmer home:


1 Caring Carpets

You may hate cleaning them, but having your floors covered (and if you can do it in several layers it would be great) would help you to trap some heat in your home sweet home. Floors account for as much as 10 percent of heat loss if they’re not insulated. Carpets and rugs will keep the cool air from seeping up into the room and your feet would be warmer too.


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2 Close Your Curtains At Night

During the day time, your windows let in more radiant energy, for instance the sunlight can enter through the glass. But at night, single-glazed windows can get extremely cold. Even double-glazed windows aren’t great insulators and may freeze and additionally cool your room when temperature drops below zero degree Celsius. This results in energy losses of 50-100 watts per square metre, equivalent to running an old-fashioned light bulb.The best way to prevent this heat loss is to close your curtains and lower your blinds immediately after dusk. They provide an extra barrier to radiant heat loss and add insulation, which keeps the rooms warmer.

Close Your Curtains At Night

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3 Cover the walls

Solid brick or stone walls are better insulators than glass, but they still get cold and let out lots of heat. You can significantly reduce energy losses by covering them with pictures or mirrors (and if it is extremely cold, don’t hesitate to put a rug or even an old blanket on the walls). You may even consider installing siding on the exterior of your home using companies such as https://www.sidingatlanta.com/ to keep the heat in your home and be extra toasty. In the extremely cold parts of Russia having the walls covered with rugs and heavy tapestries was just another way to keep in the warmth.

Cover the walls

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4 Place your furniture near the source of heat

How warm you feel in a room depends on where you are, even though air temperature is the same throughout. You will feel warmer if you position yourself closer to the inside of the house because the cold external walls are further away. Placing your furniture next to an internal wall would be great as well. However, if your heating system isn’t very good it may be time to consider an update. Getting the best water heater can warm up a home quickly, and is a good investment if you have a water based cental heating system.If you live in a flat, keep in mind that your neighbors too heat their rooms, so the inside wall will feel much warmer than the one that isn’t bordering with another flat. If the head of your bed is next to a cold external wall you will be prone to getting a stiff neck, though you can counter this somewhat by using a solid headboard, which can trap some heat.

Place your furniture near the source of heat

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5 Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise

Whether you know it or not, your ceiling fan needs to be changed seasonally. By setting them clockwise in the winter at a lower speed, you can drive warm air down towards you.

Set your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise

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6 Close the doors

Close the doors of the rooms you are not warming up. This way you will prevent the heat from getting out of the rooms you are heating and you wouldn’t have to turn on the heating system again. This means saving energy, which would help in keeping the room warm. Additionally, you could use internal glazed doors to keep the warmth in. A lot of glass panels on doors are single glazed so doubling up could help keep the warmth trapped. Not to mention you can make the most of what little sunlight you get in the winter.

Close the doors

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These sure shot ways to have a warmer home will also be light on your pockets as they would not add anything to the electricity bills, in fact would help you in reducing the amount which rises due to the heating system. Apart from that, all these tricks would lead to a warmer home where you can spend some cozy and warm time with the rest of your family.


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