15 Unique Looking Men Who Are Redefining What Beauty Means To Men

11Angelo Gallamini

This handsome man is Angelo Gallamini. He is a designer who creates shawls, capes, and blankets with such style and wanderlust that cannot be found anywhere else. He is a well-known designer today and lives in the coastal town of Cesena, Italy. Even though he is in his 50s, his heart beats like he’s in his 20s.

Image Source: www.bacoluxury.com

12Gianluca Vacchi

Take a look at the image and tell us if he looks like a multimillionaire retired Italian business man? Does he? He does not but he is. This is Gianluca who took social media by storm after his video of him dancing with his partner went viral. This is one extremely good looking man.

Image Source: jestpic.om

13Joshua Varozza

Joshua on first glance does not look like your typical male model and there’s a good reason for it. As a kid, he always wanted to stand out and now as a model, he does. He believes that beauty doesn’t take the form of a particular shape but it comes from the confidence you express or show. He has been in a ton of music videos as well as on catwalk ramps.

Image Source: www.inspire2day.com

14Anthony Varrecchia

This handsome and well built American male model is Anthony. On first glance, you may wonder why he is on this list. Apart from looking amazingly strong and having a Greek warrior’s physique, what is so special about this man? He is 59 years old. Could you have guessed his age from looking at this image?

Image Source: cypriumnews.com

15Male Rapunzel

This man can give Rapunzel a run for her money with his stunning and long hair. Just look how beautiful and shiny his hair looks. We do not know for how many years he had to grow his hair to reach this level of awesomeness but we are happy he did it. We hope he keeps growing it longer and longer.

Image Source: www.ridus.ru

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