15 Unique Looking Men Who Are Redefining What Beauty Means To Men

6Zhebgyang Zhang

This young model was born in Beijing, China and since he was spotted in the crowd at Anna Sui casting by photographer Steven Meisel he has taken the modeling world by storm. Some say his look and personality is so strong that people forget to look at the clothes he is wearing. His long black hair is a dream and his cheekbones are mesmerizing.

Image Source: pinimg.com

7Nikolov Matannov

Nikolov is a professional athlete but is chased by photographers more than fans or other players. This stunning young man has some very exotic facial features that have made him a target for photographers as well as major brands. The companies want him to wear and showcase their new line of products.

Image Source: realizeminds.com


This beautiful South African model has been used in a ton of advertisements that showcase peace and similarities. With a skin pigmentation problem, Moostapha has two skin tones on different parts of his body. People who are like this beautiful young man are a gift to the modeling industry.

Image Source: www.somabuzz.com

9Alessandro Manfredini

This man who looks to be at least 70+ years-old has kept in fabulous shape. But, he is actually in his 40s, 48 to be exact. Yes, this man who could easily pretend to be Gandalf’s better-looking cousin is not even in his 50s. What makes him so special is that fabulous beard he has that made him an overnight sensation.

Image Source: fitnessi.ru

10Günther Krabbenhöft

This is not a set for a shoot, this is an actual shoot and that man is the real model. At a whopping 74 years of age, this former German chef turned model is one of the coolest men we have seen. He has been called ‘the world’s most fashionable grandpa’ and plays the role perfectly. Even at this age his love for fashion and taking photos hasn’t reduced.

Image Source: nitronewsbrasil.xyz

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