15 Unique Looking Men Who Are Redefining What Beauty Means To Men

When we hear the word ‘beauty’ we all imagine something or someone we consider beautiful and always end up comparing everyone we see to that person to figure out whether they are beautiful or not. But, today we have 15 men who are going to challenge you to see the world as they do.


These men are redefining what beauty is supposed to be and you will see it too. Not only that but they are setting a great example for people who look different and are bullied for that. These men are handsome, strong and beautiful to the core.


This French-born singer and songwriter is more known for his stunning looks than his music. He has been active since 2008 in the pop, hip hop, and R&B music scene and is the founder of Georgian Dream Studio. He is the son of billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili and has albinism which is the reason for his unique look.

Image Source: hotsta.com


This man has hair that would make Merida from ‘Brave’ feel proud. We’ve seen a ton of red-haired women but this young man is setting a new level and standard for red hair men. He looks fierce and amazing with the red, fiery locks around his well-sculptured face. This is one beautiful man.

Image Source: brightside.me

3Karim Mousseau

This stunning portrait is of Karim Mousseau a young model most known for having a stunning feminine facial structure. This man looks gorgeous and knows how to carry himself with easily while looking drop dead stylish and sharp.  He is currently taking a short break from modeling but has promised to return very soon.

Image Source: www.inspire2day.com

4Kaine Buffonge

At the age of 19, Kaine Buffonge is one of the most demanded models in the world. With his freckles and different colored eyes, many top brands want him to showcase their products on the catwalk. He had never thought of entering the modeling career but once he was picked up for his unique look, there was no turning back.

Image Source: www.inspire2day.com

5Sanele Junior Xaba

This young male model is from South Africa is making waves with his attempt to make people who suffer from albinism feel proud of what they are and not to be ashamed. As a young boy, he was bullied for his looks so as a model he is trying his best to bring light to the topic. He is currently signed with Adidas.

Image Source: realizeminds.com

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