These 12 unbelievable makeup transformations will leave you stunned!


Being a makeup artist requires a talent not just to be able to wield the cosmetic instruments but to have an aesthetic eye for beauty. Goar Avetisyan is one such artist who at 22 years old is extremely popular for her skill in makeup and transforming women into beauty queens.

Goar Avetisyan has a magic hand when it comes to makeup as you can see from these spectacular examples. These makeup transformations are almost too good to believe.

1 Brush Magic

What can be more magical than this dramatic transformation?


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2 The Magic Wand of Beauty

It seems that Goar just has to wave her magic wand and voila. This is incredible and you know why.

The Magic Wand of Beauty

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3 The Glamour Queen

And a glamour queen she is but only after Goar Avetisyan is done with her.

The Glamour Queen

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4 The modern Cinderella

Wonder why she doesn’t look happy

The modern Cinderella

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5 A perfect sleight of her hand

Goar Avetisyan is truly a perfectionist and this is simply awesome.

perfect sleight of her hand

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6 Now this is dramatic

This could perhaps be the most dramatic makeup transformation among all these ladies. The change is so profound Goar needs a standing ovation. The model is truly beautiful.

dramatic makeup transformation

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7 Perfection in Makeup

Now this is one perfect face and though those heavenly eyes don’t need makeup, the overall transformation is stupendous.

Perfection in Makeup

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8 A Little Makeup Goes a Long Way

This holds true only when an artist like Avetisyan is holding the brush

Avetisyan makeup artist

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9 Pretty as a Picture

It’s almost unbelievable how makeup can transform looks. This woman’s look is now perfect

how makeup can transform looks

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10 What Lies Beneath?

Now you know what make up hides?

what make up hides

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11 Magical Moment

Now she has every reason to smile with this magical makeup transformation

magical makeup transformation

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12 Showstopper Barbie?

This is one beautiful conversion of a human to Barbie doll

Showstopper Barbie

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