12 Tricks to Help Women Look Slimmer in Just 2 Minutes

5Make your skin tone a bit darker

You can hide all your extra flabs and cellulite if you are well-tanned and a shade darker than your usual pale self. Now you can’t get tanned in a few minutes in the evening right! So, get a bronzer instead. But before you apply it, first wash and scrub your body and then moisturize your skin with a lotion. If you have dry skin use sponge and moisturize your skin properly.


Image Source: www.facebeautyplus.com

6Choose the right fabrics

Do not buy rough or flashy fabrics for your dress. Stay away from square-edged, angular or straight-edged dresses or the ones which are way too tight on you as they will highlight the problem areas of your body. Go for lighter shaded, flowy dresses which moulds into gentle curves against your body.


Image Source: www.theapronguys.com

7Pick the right accessories

Turtle necks and scarves or high neck shirts and tops can be overwhelming look for many. Avoid wearing heavy scarves around your neck with a turtle neck sweater. Wear a loose Stoll around your neck and tuck it in your belt also unbutton or unzip your high neck shirts or tops a bit to give a more relaxed and slender neck look.


Image Source: baomoi.com

8Don’t underline your problem areas

If you try to hide something too much you make it more obvious. Same applies to your dressing or your makeup as well. Don’t wear jeans with pockets and patterns on hips if you want your butts to look slim. Draw attention to your great features too take off attention from the problem areas.


Image Source: brightside.me


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