12 Tricks to Help Women Look Slimmer in Just 2 Minutes

It’s not always possible to look your perfect self but sometimes occasions demand that you do and you do not even have time to prim yourself much less to look slim what do you do? Fashionable trends of today have so influenced people that everyone feels it necessary that they must look a certain way in keeping with the times. But what happens when you may slightly overweight or may have gained a bit more and though you don’t look all that bad, you still want to maintain a certain look. Here is how you can look slimmer in just 2 minutes and we shall tell you how you can manage that.


1 Choose comfortable footwear

Correct footwear can make your legs look longer and body slimmer. So always go for skin colour, nude, beige or pastel colour footwear which would give the shoes as an extension of our leg’s illusion. If you are wearing pants or tights wear shoes of the same colour. Avoid ankle strap shoes as they make your legs look smaller. Also contrasting (to your dress) coloured shoes will cut your body into sections and make you look shorter.

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2Get rid of clothes that are too small or too big

Don’t buy clothes which are too small and tight for you or too large and loose on you either. Fitting clothes make you look slim and not bulky. Loose, oversized dresses do not hide your body flaws instead they add to the bulk making you look bigger. Same goes for too small and tight tops which would highlight your flab and body weight also too small and tight clothing makes you look shorter and stouter too.

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3Always keep your back straight

Correct posture makes every woman look arresting and attractive no matter what her body shape or size is. That’s why never slouch while walking or sitting. Always keep your back straight. It makes you look taller and slimmer and slouching makes you look wider and shorter. Plus, it can cause health problems as well. Make it a habit so that it comes easily to you in special occasions too.

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4Learn basic contouring techniques

Correct contouring makes your face look smaller and sharper. Face looks much narrower and can hide double-chin too. The key is to darken everything you want to hide and lighten everything you want to shine!

Also remember always use the highlighter first, and then the darker tones. Edges should be invisible and always be cautious while applying loud makeup as it highlights the adjoining facial regions. For example, bright red lipstick will highlight your chins and upper lips areas not just your lips.


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