Top 9 Ways to Make Women Want You

You feel that girls or women aren’t too much interested in you? You feel like you are doing it all wrong? You feel like every guy out there is luckier than you? Well guess what – No. It’s just the skills and charm some people have. You don’t have to posses certain car or money to attract girls (ok, maybe some of them would find material belongings desirable but those are not good for you). There is no guaranteed secret for the opposite sex to want you. You either have the skills and the charm or either they are interested for the one who has. But, there are certain things you can do to help yourself and get your love interest. Women are people too, so the more you treat them with respect and not like objects, the better your chances be to win their hearts.
Here are a few Ways to Make women want you.


#1. Pick-up lines don’t really work

You will either make her laugh or make her go away. Seriously who uses phrases like “You look a lot like my future girlfriend”? It’s cheesy and kind of boring. Instead, man up and have a proper conversation with her. Don’t treat her like a doll, she’s a human being. So nice conversation is always a good start.
Pick-up lines don’t really work
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#2. Mystery

She doesn’t want to know if you and your ex girlfriend had a terrible fight at your parents’ house last year because she said that your mother’s food wasn’t so good. Don’t throw every detail about yourself. There is time, you will tell her, just don’t do it right ahead.
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#3. Humor is a must

Don’t be grumpy or too serious. Women love to laugh. Don’t force jokes of course, but you can always win more “points” with your wit and funny stories. Of course, we don’t suggest you to tell jokes in inappropriate times, but keeping the atmosphere funny and light would relax both of you.
Humor is a must
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#4. Women don’t want when things are served in front of them

They too want to hunt and they too want to put effort in seducing you. So, don’t play hard to get, that is not suitable for men (she will think you are not interested or will get bored), but you don’t always have to be available. Give her a day or two before you call again. Reply slightly later on her message or e-mail. Of course, don’t let her wait for a call or response for too long, it would be rude. Just give her a feeling that she has to try harder to get you.
Women don’t want when things are served in front of them
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#5. Show actual interest in her

If you started communicating with her and if you feel that it might lead somewhere, just don’t forget your manners. Good morning texts are the best thing for her to start the day. If you are already dating, flowers can be a nice touch too. Just, be the gentleman your momma taught you to be.
Show actual interest in her
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#6. Hygiene

Yes, you might know this already, but nothing repulses women like the lack of hygiene. You should take good care of you, not just when you want to seduce a girl, but always. A guy that smells nice and is not having a bad breath has millions more chances to get a girl than the one who smells and doesn’t shower.
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#7. Don’t trash other women

This would make her think that you are a misogynist and she would wonder if you speak bad things about her too. Show respect towards every girl, and show even greater towards the girl you like the most.
Don’t trash other women
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#8. Remember she sets the rules

Don’t rush her to do things she doesn’t want to do. Don’t force her to go to places she hates, don’t force her to have sex with you when she is not ready and for sure just give her time. You’d be surprised to see how easily she will take initiative.
Remember she sets the rules
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#9. Tell her how you feel

This will spare your and hers time. Nothing better than the truth itself. Of course, you must not do this once you meet her. This should happen after several dates. If you feel like continuing with her tell her, otherwise you are wasting her time and you will hurt her.
Tell her how you feel
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