Top 9 Smallest Homes in the World


It turns out that not everybody wants to live in big houses, wide mansions with big green gardens around. Some people go in different extremes. They simply chose to live in smaller spaces from many different reasons – some of them simply can’t afford anything bigger, others can’t stand being “trapped” in big spaces or simply find it difficult to maintain big place. Most of the designers who build them had idea to sell extra small houses in order to help people get their own home, no matter how small.
The following list contains some of the smallest Homes (like really tiny) places in which people live and function absolutely normal.

#1. Tumbleweed Houses

Since the year 1997, Jay Shafer of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company has been living in homes which were smaller than most people’s bathrooms or maybe even closets. But even though they are tiny, these cozy, cabin looking houses somehow fit everything inside them: a bedroom, bathroom (with toilet and shower), workspace, and living space. Apparently they can be ordered, if you really like small spaces.

Tumbleweed Houses
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