Top 5 Best Dressed Celebrity Children

When your parents are in the spotlight for their athleticism, beauty, or poise there is little you can do to top them. The children of current stars are coming into their own in their unique ways that are sure to continue turning the heads of cameramen and designers alike. These are the top 5 best dressed celebrity children.

#1. Beckham Children

To expect David and Victoria (fondly known as Posh Spice) Beckham to raise children anything less than fashionable is absurd. As a result, all four of the Beckham kids, Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo, and Harper have their own fashion personalities most likely encouraged by their fashion designer mother, and have earned the number 1 spot on our list. Their two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo are beginning to start their own careers modeling for notable designers. Despite their youth, they all sport trendy fashion and designer clothes wherever they go.
Beckham Children
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