Top 11 Bedroom Decoration Ideas


Having your most important room decorated can take some time, nerves and of course money, but sleeping in a messy room, with poorly painted walls and without quality furniture could cause you far more headaches. We offer you some ideas for bedroom decoration. Maybe the designs would seem extra expensive or like you must put a lot of effort, but we only like to inspire you, of course if you plan to make some interior changes.

#1. Sit in Style

Like most master bedrooms, this sit in style suggests a large bed and a lovely sofa in front of it. It looks classy and practical and can make a room feel cozy and inviting. Place the chair away from closets and dressers so you’re not inclined to disrobe and toss on to the seat.

Sit in Style

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#2. Calm Colors

Most people don’t like eccentric colors for the bedroom and would always prefer calm colors that can make them sleepy. Blue and white is a classic color combination in the bedroom. Note the different shades of blue incorporated into the throw pillows, bedding, accents and walls. A splash of sage green in the art above the bed breaks it up and adds another layer of color. You can also choose lavender, yellow or grayish-purple.

Calm Colors

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#3. Painting Above the Bed

If you want modern look of your bedroom avoid big blank walls; it will make the room empty and cold. Fill a large wall with an extra-large piece of artwork. A black and white photography, some painting that is important to you and your partner, wallpaper and so on.

#4. Let the Sunshine In

Even if you like dark room for sleeping, day light from large windows can absolutely improve your morning mood and awake you better than any coffee. If your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, don’t cover up the windows with heavy treatments. Consider sheer curtains to help keep the room bright.

Let the Sunshine In

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#5. Adapt the Bedroom for You and Your Partner

Most men wouldn’t want to sleep in all pink room, nor would women like to sleep in cold black and white manly looking room. Adapt your room to both your tastes and wishes. Designers say a master bedroom should reflect both of you and that both partners should put certain touch of themselves in the decoration of their bedroom.

Adapt the Bedroom for You and Your Partner

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#6. His and Hers

It’s not a rule that the entire bedroom should be the same and symmetric. For instance your nightstands don’t have to match. If you prefer a feminine style and your partner likes a more masculine look, choose different ones. Why should only one person love the master bedroom?

#7. Romantic Cottage Bedroom

If you want to redecorate your bedroom in the style of those lovely mountain cottage bedrooms you should consider warm beige walls, white bed and some heavy red curtains. The dust ruffle and headboard are Irish linen, while floral-patterned fabrics and botanical prints bring the outdoors in.

#8. Antique Style

In this stately bedroom a new bed takes on a historic persona when paired with a number of gorgeous antiques. Add some antique looking table and a dressing divider for full image.

#9. Southern American Style

Set in a recessed nook, the bed in this Southern Accents master suite holds forth in style. For completely original touch add silky drapery that flows easily down, as well as lots of white.

#10. Calm Master Bedroom

This master bedroom from features muted colors – a mix of ecru and wheat, punctuated by simple furnishings. Designers combined old and new design elements, such as a traditional four-poster bed set against a wall covered in a contemporary checkerboard of grasscloth wallpaper. The bedding and carpeting continue the grid pattern.

#11. Fireplace in the Bedroom

Of course you should have room that would allow you to build in a fireplace, but if in case you have, this idea might be just for you. Today building in modern fireplaces are available and quite modern. The fire would warm your room and would give a cozy atmosphere which for sure would make you relax and fall asleep tightly.

Fireplace in the Bedroom

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