Top 10 Ways to Save Money

In order to become more rational, we should first learn how to save our money. Yes, it does sound as a hard work, especially if you see lovely clothes in the windows or the newest smart phone that simply calls you to buy it. But, resisting the temptation to shop things that you don’t necessarily need is one of the first steps toward saving money that you’d use when you will really need them. So today we represent you the top 10 ways to save money.


1Keep track on your spending

Don’t throw away the bills because you would want to count the money you had spent. Yes, it might scare you a bit, but it will also make you more aware of you spending habits.
Keep track on your spending
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2Stop your impulsive shopping

New bag from the newest collection? Shoes that you will wear once? Why wasting your money, when the truth is you won’t even like these things when you get home. Next time when you feel the urge to buy an item you don’t truly need, just get out of the store immediately. You are a rational person and buying things that you don’t need are equal to tossing your hard earned money in the garbage.
Stop your impulsive shopping
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3Shop on discounts

You would be surprised to know that the discount prices are the closest to the real price of the items you’re shopping. Of course, skip this rule when you buy food, groceries, meat or medicine. In those cases you will need to buy fresh and quality products.
Shop on discounts
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4 Ride a bike

Unless you live too far from your workplace, cycling is a great way to save gas Unless you live too far from your workplace, cycling is a great way to save gas money. You will be in better shape and richer at the same time and what’s better than that? On the other hand you will save the air from pollution.
Ride a bike
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5Bring lunch to work

It is neither stupid nor embarrassing to prepare your own lunch. If you are on a special diet, this is the best way to know what exactly you are consuming. You will know that you eat healthy, you will know what exactly you are eating and you will not pay big money on junk food.
Bring lunch to work
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6Turn of your lights and heating/cooling when you are not in that room

Most of us simply leave the TV on, the lights on, or the fan on while we go out for a short time, just to get something from the store around the corner. Stop doing that, your electricity and gas bills will show better numbers next month.
Turn of your lights and heating/cooling when you are not in that room
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7Exercise at home

There are so many online videos that will guide you perfectly in your workout routine just the same way you do that at the gym. You can always start jogging and that is also a perfect workout and doesn’t cost a thing. Yes, you will have to be more disciplined since working out with a group of people is more motivating, but the beginning is always hard.
Exercise at home
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8Shop quality items

Whether it is clothes or gadgets, invest smart in quality because it will pay off during the years. You certainly don’t want to give the big money to repair services every other month or worse, to shop gadgets every two-three months. That is literally waste of money in the worst possible form.
Shop quality items
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9Use the maximum of your social networks

 Don’t waste money on phone calls when you can catch up with your friends and family via Facebook or the many phone apps like Viber. This way you will only have to pay for your Internet connection.
Use the maximum of your social networks
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10Pick a place for living closest to work/school with a reasonable rent

You don’t really have to live in the hottest place in town if you can’t really afford it. If you live on your own, smaller apartment with small rent would help you increase your money for your future. Try to get the place as close to your offices or school as possible in order to save money for public transport too. This way you would cut on big spending and save money for something good in the future, like buying an actually apartment on your own.
Pick a place for living closest to work/school with a reasonable rent
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